At Sunshine Meadows the sky's the limit when it comes to a child’s potential. It’s a place where the never ending journey of learning begins and imagination soars, inspiring children to dream about all that they can be. About the Author and Creator
We would love to introduce you to our Smart Funny Friends who live in Sunshine Meadows.
The Royal Schoolhouse Mouse Queen Serena Miss Sunny Professor Piggly Von Ziggly Swinestein Theodeous Smithsonious The Noble King Global Mr. Happy Times Edgar, the Eager Eagle Uncle Rammy Ramwah Little Lamby Miss Henny Twirl Henniford Rooster Tex Ranger Recyclo Jo Smarty-Sea-Saurus The Ant Stooges Yabbit the Rabbit Roarry

Blanky, My Blanky is a story of timeless quality, written in rhyme, with the understanding of a child’s love for their special blanky.

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Prayers for the Children
A delightful collection of engaging prayers written in rhyme for a young child's growing mind. Each Sunshine Meadows Smart, Funny Friend character has an important prayer to share. Kids will be excited to learn they are one-of-a-kind by God’s design and created for a unique purpose. Children's confidence will bloom as they are inspired to become all that they are meant to be. These prayerful rhymes can even be sung - Just make up a tune and have some fun!

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